Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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To relieve muscle pain, mix 5 drops with 1- 2 tsp of carrier oil for a relaxing massage. The woody aroma will relieve stress & headache and uplift your mood. Add one drop to moisturizer and apply to the skin for revitalizing beneflt’s. For cold relief, add 10 drops in hot water and inhale.

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CAUTIONS: Use with caution for pregnant and lactating women. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Never apply directly on the skin. It’s recommended to test for allergic symptoms before use. Please consult an essential oil reference source / obtain a professional medical opinion for suggested dilution ratios.
INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Steam Distilled Eucalyptus Essential Oil (India)

Breathe Easy with Sacred Aroma EUCALYPTUS OIL
Your Gateway to Refreshed Respiratory Health!

Sacred Aroma EUCALYPTUS OIL is 100% Pure and Natural. Its Invigorating Aroma Clears Your Airways and Enhances Your Breathing Experience. Expertly Crafted with Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil, It’s Your Path to Revitalized Respiratory Health.

1. Supports Clear Breathing
2. Eases Respiratory Discomfort
3. Uplifts Your Senses
4. Boosts Concentration
5. Enhances Overall Well-being

About Eucalyptus Oil:
Breathe freely and revitalize your respiratory system with the natural power of Sacred Aroma EUCALYPTUS OIL.

Directions For Use:
1. Add a Few Drops to a Diffuser or Steam Inhalation for Optimal Benefits.
2. Use Daily to Keep Your Airways Refreshed and Your Mind Alert.
Breathe Easy – Choose Sacred Aroma EUCALYPTUS OIL for Fresh, Clean Breaths!




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